Bible Languages

Read the Bible in various languages in PDF format. It can be download and save on your computer.  Click on the respective languages below to access the respective bible languages.

Amharic Bible

Arabic Bible

Armenian Bible

Awadhi Bible

Bengali Bible

Brazilian Portuguese New Testament

Bulgarian Bible

Burmese Bible Myanmar Bible

Burmese New Testament

Chinese Bible 圣经简体和合本

Chinese-English New Testament

Croatian New Testament Bible

Danish Danske Bibel 1871 Bible

Dutch Bible The Statenvertaling (State Translation)

Estonian Bible

Ethiopia Bible

French Bible Louis Segond (1910)

Finnish Bible

German Deutsche Elberfelder 1905

Greek Bible

Gujarati Bible

Hebrew Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia

Hindi Bible

Hungarian Bible

Indonesian Bible

Italian Bible

Japanese Bible (Kougo-yaku) 1954/1955 in PDF

Kabyle Holy Bible New Testament (NT) Kabylian & French Parrallel Bible

Kannada Bible

Korean Bible

Kurdish-Sorani New Testament

Laos Bible

Latvian Bible New Testament

Madagascar Malagasy Holly Bible Baiboly La Bible Malgache

Malay Indonesian Bible Alkitab Terjemahan Baru

Malayalam Bible

Maori Bible

Marathi Bible

Myanmar Bibleမြန်မာ၊သမ္မာကျမ်းစာ

Nepali Bible

Oriya Bible

Persian Farsi Bible

Philippines Bible

Portugese Bible

Punjabi Bible

Romani New Testament Bible E Lashi Viasta Gypsy

Romanian Bible

Rotherman Emphasized Bible 

Russian Bible

Serbian New Testament Bible Српска Нови Завет Библија

Shuar New Testament

Swahili New Testament

Sinhalese Sinhala Sri Lanka

Spanish Reina Valera

Swedish Bible Svenska 1917

Tagalog New Testament

Tamil Bible

Telugu Bible

Thai Bible

Uma New Testament Indonesian Bible Alkitab

Ukrainian Bible

Urdu Bible بائبل

Webster’s Bible By Noah Webster 1833

Vietnamese Bible

Yiddish Bible



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