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Hi, are you having fibroids prolong bleeding? Does your Dr suggest you to have open surgery or key hole surgery to remove your uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries?

Christ Unite Fibroids Hysterectomy Support Group is here to help you. My name is Janice, I am the founder of Christ Unite and had suffered from fibroids with prolong bleeding for a year plus. I had seen various Drs, taken various medicine but to no avail. The medicines don’t help me. I tried TCM, it worked for a while but the prolong bleeding came back. In the end, after a few times of declinging surgery I decided to have hystectomy. During my struggle, I am thankful God brought me sisters in Christ to journey with me, sharing with me their experience, advice, prayer.

After, my surgery I have being thinking of setting up a hysterectomy support group as I didn’t find any such support group in Singapore. Mostly are overseas. Even the Youtube videos, are from overseas women. Didn’t see any Singapore women talking about fbroids except me in Youtube. My healing from my hystectomy is very fast within 42 days (1 month 12 days), I am able to walk well again. Recover very well. I want to share my testimony with other women who are suffering with fibroids. This healing from surgery is the fastest in record compared to others I had seen in Youtube videos who took months to recover. Some said 3 months, 6 months. I took only a month plus. Hallelujah Praise The Lord. This makes me desire to share my testimony even more and start a fibroids hysterectomy support group.

If you are suffering from fibroids, feel free to join this support group and ask questions. If you have gone through hystectomy, please do join us to support others who are suffering with fibroids. I need people to support these women. If you are a medical service provider, pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical products provider and like to sponsor this cause. Please do contact me. This will be a community for people to openly share their struggles and find hope and peace.



Janice Ong

Founder of Christ Unite

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