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Mum’s Right Leg Healing Testimony From Janice, Founder Of Christ Unite

Singapore Circuit Breaker started on 7 April 2020 where whole of Singapore was in lock down to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Everybody was required to stay at home. Only essential services were allowed to operate. People were only allowed to step out of their house to buy groceries, food. No dine in allowed. Only take away. Schools, shops and churches were closed.

On 6 April 2020, a day before Singapore Circuit Breaker my mum told me after I come back from work that her right leg was in pain. It was late when I came back home, didn’t bring mum to see Dr. Next day 7 April 2020 was circuit breaker. Mum was still feeling pain in her leg. As it was circuit breaker, I was reluctant to go out because of Covid 19. I didn’t bring mum to see Dr immediately. It was only when mum told me she was in great pain and couldn’t walk then I decided to bring her to our neighborhood polyclinic. That day, I had to use my home office chair with wheels to let her sit down and push her to get to the bus stop to the polyclinic as she can’t walk. It was hard, difficult as our HDB carpark is rough surface making it difficult to push her. I didn’t expect I will need to push her on an office chair. When we reached the polyclinic, the Dr requested my mum to do an X-Ray on her leg. The Dr upon seeing the X-Ray immediately told us we need to go to hospital A&E immediately. Mum’s right leg bones were seriously broken. I immediately brought my mum to NUH National University Hospital A&E on a taxi. At NUH A&E, mum was put on a leg cast and was told need to see a specialist. We managed to get an early appointment to see the specialist and the Dr happened to be the head of Orthopaedic Surgery a Senior Consultant. He told me my mum’s lower right leg bones more than 95% were fractured. May require surgery if doesn’t heal. He said he won’t do anything to the leg except put her on Aircast boot, asked me to get a wheelchair for her as she will not be allowed to walk for a few months. He will see if it can heal naturally.  He was surprised to see my mum’s leg condition as this condition happened to some NS men who do long marches and hurt their legs. I told him it could be because of my mum’s basketball exercise. He was surprised when he heard my mum can play basketball at her age. When I heard need to get wheelchair, I wondered can I get a wheelchair quickly for mum during Circuit Breaker. I search on some marketplaces, finally manage to buy a new wheelchair and get it delivered. Was thankful to be able to get the wheelchair. I was not used to looking after mum in her wheelchair as a lot of things she can’t do on her own. It was difficult taking care of her. Mum’s right leg had also become bigger as it was swollen. Her shoes couldn’t fit for her right leg. I need to buy new shoes bigger size for her. There are also other things in the house that need some work to accommodate my mum for her convenience.

During that time, I was doing a course and had to stop my course temporary because of her. Mum had a few months of follow up with this Dr and other Drs. I was glad that we had a Senior Consultant HOD for consultation. After a few months, Dr said mum’s leg is healing from the new X-Ray scan result, there are new soft bones growing at the fracture areas. She can start to try walking bit by bit. Mum started walking bit by bit over the weeks and eventually no wheelchair was required. She can walk normally. No surgery was required. We were very happy that mum’s right leg has healed naturally. All thanks to God for healing her and providing us with good Drs especially the Senior Consultant Dr who by faith trust in naturally healing. God has being hearing my prayers and my brothers and sisters in Christ prayer for my mum. Thank God for answering our prayer. Is being a learning lesson from God for 6 months.  Also, I was glad I can go back and resume my course in October and my life can be back to normal.  

Tomorrow 22 November 2021 is 1 year 7 months 17 days since my mum’s incident, I will be bringing my mum to a clinic to do a bone density test to check on her right leg bones which the Dr requested to do 1 year later after her last appointment. I believe and trust that my mum’s leg bones are well as she is walking well and not in pain. God’s appointed date to have the bone density test tomorrow. By faith, I believe and trust in His presence, protection and healing. All will be well. To God be the Glory.

May this testimony helps you to believe and trust in God’s miracle healing.


Founder of Christ Unite




Fibroids & Adenomyosis Healing From Prolong Bleeding Testimony From Janice, Founder Of Christ Unite

This year April 2021, something abnormal happened to me. I had 3 weeks of heavy bleeding. I wasn’t bother about it that time as mum said it could be signs of menopause as she said she had her menopause when she was around my age.

In May, I went to take my 1st Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine 1 day after my menses came. I was concerned is it ok to take the vaccine when I am having my period. I talked to the Dr at the vaccination center and was reassured that there is no harm with it. I went ahead with the vaccination. However, my bleeding become abnormal. It bleed for more than a month from May to June.

At my 2nd vaccination, I was very weak after the vaccination and decided to see a Dr on the same day immediately after my vaccination for consultation for my prolong bleeding. I was concerned is it the vaccination causing my prolong bleeding. The clinic Dr said is unlikely as I had already prolong bleeding in April. The Dr requested for ultrasound on my uterus. The ultrasound was scheduled in end June. Met the Dr the following week to hear the ultrasound results. Was told I have 2 tumors measuring around 5cm at my uterus. Is likely to be fibroids. I will need to see gynaecologist for further consultation. I was referred to NUH National University Hospital and was given Tranexamic Acid medicine to stop the bleeding. At NUH, the gynaecologist Dr said I will need to do a biopsy to get samples for testing. A minor D&C Dilation and curettage surgery is required. I didn’t agree to it immediately. I wanted to try medicine first then decide. However the medicine didn’t work, I still had prolong bleeding.

After my May to end June bleeding, the bleeding come back again on the 5 July and it ended on end July and after 2 days it come back again. During these period, I went to see various Drs at NUH. Tried various medicine but didn’t work. The medicine to stop bleeding even caused headache. The Drs all of them advice me to have the D&C to take the samples for testing as they keep telling me is unlikely fibroids cause such prolong bleeding. I eventually accepted. The Dr also recommended putting Mirena to stop the prolong bleeding which at first I was reluctant but because of my prolong bleeding, I accepted.

The day surgery was planned on 17 Aug. After the surgery, my bleeding got worse. Also I had constipation, jaw pain and neck pain problem. I felt uncomfortable with the Mirena inside my uterus. I google online to find out the side effects of Mirena and find out that it can cause neck pain. Surprise to see this. Didn’t know about this earlier. A few days after putting in my uterus, I felt pain. I called the hospital appointment hotline to quickly see the Dr as I wanted to have the Mirena remove. The day I had my Dr appointment I can feel the Mirena was already trying to come out. I was in great discomfort. The Dr when she took out the Mirena said that the Mirena was already almost coming out. I asked the Dr why? She said it could be the bleeding that pushes the Mirena to be out of place. I find her answer strange. The Dr also told me my D&C biopsy sample testing results shows no sign of cancer. But she said they didn’t manage to get the tumors samples as the tumors are growing outside of the uterus. The result may not be conclusive. The only way to get the samples from the tumors is either myomectomy or hysterotomy surgery to reach the tumors. Also, she said she was not aware that Mirena can cause neck pain. Was surprised when I heard that.

After this incident and hearing her comments, I decided to seek 2nd opinion with another hospital. I managed to see the gynaecologist at SGH in early Sept. SGH Dr said I had tried all the medicine to treat the bleeding. She requested for blood test and the results were normal. I had done many blood tests in NUH too and the results were normal. Dr requested for ultrasound then decide what to do. Did my 2nd ultrasound a few days after consultation and seen the Dr for results. This time they found 3 tumors instead of 2 tumors. The new tumor I asked the Dr is it grown this few months, Dr not sure as it could be previously the 1st ultrasound didn’t detect. The new tumor is 1 cm+. Was concerned as if this tumor started growing recently is growing very fast as I read fibroids grow average 1cm each year. If it is not fibroid, then it might be cancer as cancer tumor grows very fast. The Dr said the only way to fix this is to have a hysterectomy to remove my uterus and fallopian tube to be safe. I was hesitant to have the surgery. I requested to see the surgeon that will operate on me. The surgeon came and explain to me the procedure and answered my questions. I was still hesitant. She said why not I go back and think about it. I said ok.

The following week happened to be another new ultrasound at NUH, I decided to go ahead with NUH ultrasound and see their results. That day during the ultrasound, a professor suddenly come to the room and checked on me. He asked me some questions, told the sonographer to do which positions scan and look at the ultrasound scan and past history. Was surprised to see the professor came and checked on me. Is God’s provision. The prof said the Dr will tell me next course of action and he left while the sonographer continue her scan. Didn’t have much chance to ask this prof questions.

After a few days went to see NUH gynaecologist to see the results. NUH also found 3 tumors, measurement were slightly different. The new tumor is also 1cm+. The other 2 tumors still around 5cm. The Dr suggested to have hysterectomy through key hole surgery. This is different from SGH Dr that suggested open surgery hysterectomy. I was happy that the surgery can be done through key hole as key hole surgery leaves fewer scar. I don’t know whether to go ahead with the surgery. The Dr got the surgeon to speak to me about it. This surgeon look at my ultrasound report and said I have also Adenomyosis beside fibroids. She said only hysterectomy surgery can stop the bleeding. Was surprised to find out I had Adenomyosis too. Adenomyosis is lining growing in the muscles of the uterus causing heavy bleeding. All the previous Drs never detected I have Adenomyosis. This Dr probably is more senior than the Dr I seen earlier was able to access more areas of the report and scan. Is because of the prof report that detected I had Adenomyosis. Was told this condition only way to treat permanently is with hysterotomy with laparoscopy surgery. I agreed with the surgery as the surgery needs to book a few months in advance as this surgeon is booked for the next few months. I asked is there any other medicine to try while waiting for the surgery. Dr suggested taking Visanne. She warned that this medicine may have side effect mood swings and depression. I think about it and decided to try as I had tried so many medicine none work. At the pharmacy, the pharmacist suggested to take 2 boxes for 8 weeks supply as they don’t have lose quantities as the Dr prescription is for 1 box + for 6 weeks supply. I asked about the price and it was expensive as this medicine no subsidy. Decided to take only 1 box and tried. When I went back home, I was concerned about this medicine and google to see the side effects. Found out that Visanne will not cure Adenomyosis, only treat the symptoms. It has many side effects which are dangerous. It can cause breast cancer, liver disease tumor,  blood clot, osteoporosis, depression, back pain, mood changes, hot flushes, skin allergy, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, swelling of body parts, even more bleeding and many other side effects. May not be advisable to take long term. I decided to try a few days and see. Also google about Adenomyosis, it can cause uterus to expand to 2 to 3 times the original size. No wonder my uterus is growing and Dr said is affecting my other organs space. I was overweight that time at 57kg. in just a few months I have gained 7kg. Also I had bladder problem. The Dr said one of tumor is pressing on my bladder, it could be the reason why I need to keep going to toilet. But she said the surgery to remove the uterus, tumors may not necessary fix my bladder problem. It might be other issue.

After coming back home, I took the Visanne medicine. Immediately after taking within a few hours I saw more bleeding. I also see small spots in my body and is itchy. It looks like eczema. The next day morning I still took the medicine, not sure whether to stop the medicine. The 3rd day, still feel itchy with red spots and more bleeding. Decided to stop the Visanne medicine. I wondered should I continue with the surgery in NUH? As I start to share my condition and my plan surgery with my other relatives, my youngest uncle and his wife were concerned over me. This auntie sent me more details about keyhole laparoscopy surgery. She warned about risk of being burnt as there might be stray energy electricity that might cause burning to internal organs with laparoscopy surgery. Also keyhole surgery might be unsafe if the tumor later find out is Cancer, as it involves cutting the tumors before taking out the blood may spill and spread to other organs. As the Drs have been telling me fibroids don’t cause such prolong bleeding, they have not come across such case before. Although they said is unlikely to be cancer as my earlier D&C biopsy didn’t find any cancer. They are not completely sure whether the tumors are cancer. I think best change to open surgery even though longer recovery time, also now don’t know what my tumors are and all the medicine I tried don’t work. The next day met up with SGH Gynaecologist Dr to discuss about the open surgery procedure. If have surgery at SGH, waiting time shorter is 1 month instead of 3 months in NUH. Decided to go ahead with the SGH Dr suggestion for open hysterotomy surgery on 11 Oct 2021 and need to stay in hospital for 3 days. I canceled the NUH surgery.

I checked that hospital can only allow 2 visitors for patients because of Covid-19 restrictions. I didn’t want my mum to come to hospital as she is old and she doesn’t know the way around the hospital to find the ward. I decided to have 2 friends to visit me and hoping for 1 friend to bring me back home when I discharge. Is a few weeks before surgery and over the days and weeks while waiting for the surgery date, I was not sure about the surgery. I prayed to God if He don’t want me to have the surgery please stop my bleeding. Each day I was hoping the bleeding will stop. On 22 September 2021, I read the news that all visits to hospital wards will be suspended for four weeks starting Friday (Sep 24), as the detection of COVID-19 cases among staff, patients and visitors has put a strain on staffing and capacity at some hospitals. I was concerned when I read the news which mean I can’t have any visitors when I stayed in the hospital and at my surgery. That day, my bleeding happen to stop on 22 September 2021, my prayer was answered. It stopped. I decided to observe and see whether to proceed or not with surgery since bleeding stop. Thankful the bleeding stopped. I decided to try to do exercise to reduce my weight and waist size as all my jeans I can’t wear them. I have gained a lot of weight.

On 28 September 2021, I had a call with my SGH surgeon and told her I had stopped bleeding and thinking of cancelling my surgery. She said since bleeding had stopped I can cancel the surgery. Is up to me whether to have the surgery or not. I am glad when she said I can cancel the surgery. Over the next few days, I prayed to God about it and asked some sisters in Christ about whether to have the surgery, cancel or postpone. One sister suggested to postpone the surgery not cancel. I decided to listen to her and postpone the surgery. On 11 Oct, the day I was supposed to have my surgery there was no bleeding since 22 Sept. I was very glad with my decision for postponing the surgery. I believe God hears my prayer, He doesn’t want me to have the surgery. It is also timely when it happened as if I had the surgery, no visitors allowed. My next menses bleeding came on 13 Oct a few days later, I prayed to God let the bleeding not more than 5 days and God really answered it. It stopped on the 5th day 17 Oct. I told God let my menses cycle be back to normal and the bleeding not more than 5 days, no Adenomyosis, let the tumors become smaller and gone. My next menses came on 4 Nov and I prayed again to God the bleeding not more than 5 days and He answered it again. I was very happy He answered it again and on the dot 5 days. The number 5 is God’s grace meaning. God has been showing many signs of His grace towards me reassuring me of His grace. Throughout this journey, I know God is with me as I have met Christian Drs who wear their Cross necklace, passengers on train who wear Cross necklace seating opposite me in the train as I went to hospital, waiting for bus seeing other Christians greeting one another as I went back home after hospital visits, hearing a music piece that I was trying to learn on my new keyboard while waiting at the pharmacy. He is reminding me of His presence.

I believe God is healing me when the bleeding stop. He had his reasons for letting me experience this trial for 5 months from April to September 2021. I have seen all the Drs telling me to have surgery as medicine don’t work, none of the Christian Dr told me not to have surgery. Only 1 Dr at a polyclinic told me if my bleeding stop then cancel the surgery. He told me to take next course of action since all the medicine I tried didn’t work, he told me to have hysterotomy before telling me to cancel surgery if bleeding stop.

A few months ago, I happened to see a video recording from my previous church Elder who is a Dr doing a cancer talk. In the video, he said rarely are miracles happen for cancer patient. Miracle healing is defined as not taking any medicine and you are cured completely naturally. That time after seeing the video I feel like telling him to have more faith, miracles do happen. I think God healing me is to tell Drs and others my testimony of God’s healing. I had completely stop taking hospital medicine as they don’t work and cause side effects. Is by faith I trust in God’s healing. I have been thinking of sharing my testimony not just with some of my friends, relatives but also others. A sister also reminded me that recently as she said I shared I want to prove to Drs God can heal. I want Drs to be more confident, have more faith with God when there face difficult cases.

Yesterday, I watched Channel News Asia Insider about Vets, I saw some of the Vets are Christian with their Cross necklace and one prominent well known vet even said now it depends on God and the dog after his surgery with a dog. Although this dog after 1 month surgery he passed away, I still believe in faith and this Dr and some other vets Dr faith. This well known vet has healed many pets, many pets owners and animals pets rescue organization trust him. I believe because of his faith with God, God has enabled him to treat his pets patients. Seeing this video seems like God’s reminder to me to share about His healing. I need to write about my testimony to encourage others. Another reason is also because of my mum’s healing. Today I accompanied her to the clinic for her bone density test. As we reach near the polyclinic while waiting at the pedestrian crossing, I saw a lady with an elderly woman on a wheelchair. It seems like God let me see this, reminder my mum used to be in wheelchair when her right leg bones were fractured. God healed her. She no longer needs to use a wheelchair. With so many signs, and evidence of God’s healing me and my mum. I decided to write and publish this testimony today.

Hope this testimony will encourage you. If you are not a believer, believe in God today. He can heal you. If you are a Christian and suffering from illness, may you have more faith in God and pray to Him for complete healing. If you are in medical profession, be it a Dr or nurse, have faith in God. Although medical terms and medical history many not have not much miracles, I hope today you will start to believe in miracle healing. Please continue treating your patients with your medical means and also pray to God for His help, guidance for your patients.

To God Be The Glory. Amen.


Founder of Christ Unite

22 November 2021

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